Recent Videos

The First Cypher by Alex Mercado

Alex Mercado created a series of really cool B-Boy videos to serve as a companion piece to a live performance in LA at the John Ford Anson Ampitheater. On ‘The First Cypher’I was responsible for the sound design/music to help bring the pre-historic scene of the birth of breakdancing to […]

Boost Mobile – Bad Gifts Hurt PSA

Every holiday, bad gifts hurt good people. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Boost Mobile are on a mission to stop it. Join us and help put a stop to Bad Gift Disorder at Boost Mobile came to us looking for a unique own-able Holiday concept. So the Beam Boost creative team […]

Saucony Guerilla

In the days leading up to the Boston Marathon we initiated a Guerilla Media Projection campaign around Boston to promote Saucony’s new ‘What is Strong’ campaign.  Graeme Reed labored to create the projection video that included both imagery from the Mechanica created commercial spot and animated product clips. I went […]

athenahealth – What is athenahealth 2.0

A number of years ago Beam produced an overview video to explain athenahealth’s revolutionary approach to health care management. With things moving and changing so rapidly at athena the realized it was time to update the video to make the content more relevant while picking up the tempo of the […]

MINI Quest for the Countryman

The MINI Countryman was possibly the biggest new product launch for MINI since the original Hardtop was released in the US a decade ago. In order to highlight the features that made the Countryman unique, yet still very clearly a MINI, we put together a video that would convey the […]

Saucony Athlete Strong

The Athletes that Saucony sponsors haven’t had a very high profile on their website. Together we decided the upcoming 2011 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships  would be a great opportunity to shoot some interviews since many of their top athletes would all be there to compete. Unfortunately we made that […]


TripAdvisor tasked us with putting together a simple and elegant product demonstration video for their new tablet app. I produced the video and provided music supervision and editing services as well. The piece was illustrated by a partner in Brazil and the animations were brought to life by RESN in […]

Trussart TV Pilot

A number of years ago I participated in an open pitch contest called Pitchapalooza for Authentic Entertainment (a production company I worked for on occasion) There were over 40 pitches submitted and after two rounds of presentation my pitch for a show about Echo Park based master guitar craftsman James […]

HALLS – Operahhh of Irritations

A live 5 hour outdoor Interactive Opera we put together for HALLS Throat Drops that I produced & directed with the greatest live production team a guy could ever ask for. The amount of drama that went into producing the ‘Operahhh of Irritations’ could inspire an Opera of it’s own. Here’s […]

Virgin Mobile USA ‘Unlimited Payback’

LG Optimus Phone Demo – At Beam Interactive, we knew from the beginning we needed to create more than just a features walk-thru – we had to demonstrate the value of Android in everyday life, plus it’s Virgin – so it needed a dash of crazy. Where we landed is a pretty unique day-in-the-life short film complete with interactivity to dive deeper and learn more.