The MINI Countryman was possibly the biggest new product launch for MINI since the original Hardtop was released in the US a decade ago. In order to highlight the features that made the Countryman unique, yet still very clearly a MINI, we put together a video that would convey the greater size and storage capacity while highlighting the performance abilities of an All4 MINI. We chose to do this in a light hearted way by creating a faux nature documentary treating the Countryman as if it were a newly discovered species of the MINI family.

Under the guidance of Partner/Creative Director Birch Norton, I came up with 4 treatments for the concept. When we narrowed it to 2 finalists,  I wrote rough scripts for each and then a final version for the ‘Quest for the Countryman’ concept. I produced the entire video production from start to finish including bringing in DGA productions to shoot the principle photography. I assisted in casting selection for the on screen talent and helped cast and remotely co-direct the VO talent David Seys (He is based in England). I did all the audio editing/sound design. We went through a couple of editors (including myself at a couple points) and we eventually split the video into two; one that focused just on size and storage and included the on-screen talent and one that focused on the mythology and incorporated some previously unseen Countryman footage produced by BMW AG for the European launch. All in all it was a very ambitious and fun project but I also learned a great deal about what not to do as well. I’m very grateful it turned out so well in the end : )

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