The Athletes that Saucony sponsors haven’t had a very high profile on their website. Together we decided the upcoming 2011 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships  would be a great opportunity to shoot some interviews since many of their top athletes would all be there to compete. Unfortunately we made that decision about 4 days before the Championships were to commence. I had to put together a shooting crew all the way across the country in Eugene, OR in a matter of days. Luckily at the very last minute I was lucky enough to stumble upon the very talented DP Ian Lyman and along with our sound man Marcel, B camera Martin we pulled off a 16 interviews over 2 1/2 days. I directed the shoot and Beam’s Graham Nelson conducted the interviews. The video is set to be the first in a series and Ian Lyman is responsible for the edit as well under the guidance of Beam ACD Tom Kershaw and myself.