A live 5 hour outdoor Interactive Opera we put together for HALLS Throat Drops that I produced & directed with the greatest live production team a guy could ever ask for. The amount of drama that went into producing the ‘Operahhh of Irritations’ could inspire an Opera of it’s own. Here’s basically how it went down.


So they came to me and said:

Them: We want to do an interactive Opera where people submit their irritations and the Opera singers turn them into soothing song

Me: Cool!

Them: and we want to do as a live video broadcast on the web

Me: uh, OK…

Them: and it’s going to be live in in a Spring looking setting like a park…outside…far away from any internet connections or electricity..and live…and it could rain…and they’ll have elaborate costumes…did we mention it’s outside…plus we don’t have a lot of money…oh and it has to be awesome.

Me: Wait a sec, you want to…

Them: You can make that happen right?

Me: Ummmm

Them: Great! Thanks! Oh and we need you to find the Opera talent too. And it has to happen less than a month from now. Thanks! Love you! Meaning it!

Me: Oh F_____


Watch live streaming video from halls_operahhh at livestream.com