LG Optimus Phone Demo – At Beam Interactive, we knew from the beginning we needed to create more than just a features walk-thru – we had to demonstrate the value of Android in everyday life, plus it’s Virgin – so it needed a dash of crazy. Where we landed is a pretty unique day-in-the-life short film complete with interactivity to dive deeper and learn more.


This production was a doozy but I’ve never been prouder of how much we were able to pull off for so little. Plus I made a lot of big promises at the outset and somehow was able to deliver on them all by the end. Here’s how it went:

We hired DGA Productions to do the 3 day shoot. Aaron Frutman did an amazing job as DP/Cam Op and Catharine Uyenoyama pulled it all together. We shot all the backgrounds over 2 days on a Canon 5D at 1080p (in a serious snowstorm). The hands and phone were shot on RED at 2K in a studio with greenscreen in the background and bluescreen videos playing back on the phone to indicate the proper places for Natalie (our born natural hand model) to press in the proper order. We created the video of all the screens that appear on the phone in house at BEAM with a combination of hi-res screen casts and After Effects magic. For the final product Accomplice’s Jon Mercer edited the video and their motion graphics division Toil composited the 3 video sources into one complete seamless visual experience.

I wrote the original script under the guidance of CD Christine Pillsbury. ACD Josh Deane came up with the concept for the whole phone demo and art directed the hell out of it in pre-production so that our shoot went exactly according to plan. On the shoot Josh and I were Co- Directors and he also acted as Co-DP. I produced the video along with the indispensable Cyndie Ellis. I did all the sound design in Pro Tools and I hired my friend Cozmopolis to compose all the music for the video with the exception of the final song which I composed myself.