Every holiday, bad gifts hurt good people. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Boost Mobile are on a mission to stop it. Join us and help put a stop to Bad Gift Disorder at www.badgiftshurt.org.

Boost Mobile came to us looking for a unique own-able Holiday concept. So the Beam Boost creative team all pitched in and the idea that resonated with the client the most was one I came up with about producing a very earnest PSA taking on a very obviously fake issue ‘The Dangers of Bad Gift Giving’. The SPG CMO was excited about the concept and suggested we use Boost sponsoree Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson to be the celebrity spokesperson.  Along with the PSA we had to create 4 ‘Victim Videos’ that would act as companion pieces and illustrate how dangerous BGD (Bad Gift Disorder) could be if left unchecked and undiagnosed. These videos were released a few weeks ahead of the PSA and scenes from them were incorporated into the PSA itself.

I co-wrote the PSA and Victim scenrios along with Deb Siegel under the direction of CD Christine Pillsbury. I produced the videos along with Cyndie Ellis and I directed and cast the ‘Victim Videos’ while my good friend Jeff Daniels (Ace of Cakes) shot and directed the Rampage PSA portion in sunny Southern California. The PSA was cut together by the very funny Jake Benjamin.

All the ‘Victim Videos’ were shot in 1 day in Boston. DGA Productions came through again as usual and did a kick ass job. We intentionally tried to make the videos appear as if they were shot by regular people with no production experience and that proved to be more challenging than we expected. It is difficult to actively disregard all your production training and instincts in order to make something that looks intentionally subpar. But I felt like we did a pretty good job. Plus it was really fun to destroy a moped.