Boost Mobile – Bad Gifts Hurt PSA

Every holiday, bad gifts hurt good people. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Boost Mobile are on a mission to stop it. Join us and help put a stop to Bad Gift Disorder at Boost Mobile came to us looking for a unique own-able Holiday concept. So the Beam Boost creative team […]

Saucony Athlete Strong

The Athletes that Saucony sponsors haven’t had a very high profile on their website. Together we decided the upcoming 2011 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships  would be a great opportunity to shoot some interviews since many of their top athletes would all be there to compete. Unfortunately we made that […]

Trussart TV Pilot

A number of years ago I participated in an open pitch contest called Pitchapalooza for Authentic Entertainment (a production company I worked for on occasion) There were over 40 pitches submitted and after two rounds of presentation my pitch for a show about Echo Park based master guitar craftsman James […]

HALLS – Operahhh of Irritations

A live 5 hour outdoor Interactive Opera we put together for HALLS Throat Drops that I produced & directed with the greatest live production team a guy could ever ask for. The amount of drama that went into producing the ‘Operahhh of Irritations’ could inspire an Opera of it’s own. Here’s […]

Virgin Mobile USA ‘Unlimited Payback’

LG Optimus Phone Demo – At Beam Interactive, we knew from the beginning we needed to create more than just a features walk-thru – we had to demonstrate the value of Android in everyday life, plus it’s Virgin – so it needed a dash of crazy. Where we landed is a pretty unique day-in-the-life short film complete with interactivity to dive deeper and learn more.