Shot at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA last summer as a part of MINI Takes The States 2012. MINICROSS is an autocross event that MINI held at 4 locations around the country. The events were open to the public and were set up for people to have fun trying out all the MINI models and tearing up the pavement on a closed cone course. Needless to say it is really exhilarating and wildly popular.

3 of us from BEAM flew to Denver, CO and drove from Boulder to Pasadena along with the MTTS Rally. We met up with DP Clint Lealos and his AC Mike Brown on the morning of the event and proceeded to have a wild day of shooting that was almost as fun as it looks. We shot on a RED Epic, RED Scarlet and with 3 GoPro Hero 2’s.

I Directed, Produced, Edited, Mounted Cameras, Sound Designed/Mixed, and Music Supervised while collaborating with an amazing group of people. Birch Norton & Josh Deane provided BEAM Creative Direction, Sean Will acted as Production Manager, Tyrone Campbell (BEAM) and Kat Robinson Baker (Element) performed additional editing, Rob Bessette (Finish Post) executed the Color Correction and Gramatik was kind enough to license us the track. I’m really psyched how this video turned out. It’s really fun and MINI loves it! In fact they liked it so much they are putting on their Dealer Showroom DVDs which is a first for BEAM.