A series of educational videos we produced for Cinch Financial; a financial services startup dedicated to helping Teachers get smarter about their finances and then providing them products that are most right for them.

This was the first series of narrative videos that were produced 100% internally by BEAM with no contract Production Shop involvement. It was also a milestone because it was the first time we had significant Character Animation in the final product. I produced the whole series from Concept to Delivery including Directing the VO talent, proving all the Sound Design/Mixing and hiring/managing all the Internal and Contract Resources.

I had a ton of amazing help bringing these 4 videos (+1 additional ‘What is Cinch’ video) to life. Tom Kershaw led the Creative Team efforts under the guidance of Partner/ECD Dave Batista. Yaoming Hao created the most amazing illustrations and storyboards (taking over and then surpassing the contributions from the original contract illustrator Jamie Portch). Tyrone Campbell, Carlos Lunetta, and Colin Jackson did the bulk of the animation in After Effects (and some Flash) while Matt Porter did all the Character Animation in Flash. Paula Plum was our Voice Over talent. Finally Andy Primeau wrote all the screenplays, with some help from Richard Shideler, Shane O’brien, John Park and Myself).